Different types of paper for Printing.

Making a choice from the various types of paper available in the market is a key factor in achieving top quality digital printing. You need to choose the best type of paper that is best suited to bringing out the visual and textual contents of your publishing and graphic design project, a choice that should be made carefully depending on the type of product you wish to print.

Choosing from the range of paper types on offer is not always easy when you’re faced with a huge array of sheets, all with different properties. Different types of paper come with varying weight, processing type and finish, which determines it’s appearance, durability, feel etc.

Paperweight is the weight of a sheet of paper with a surface area of one metre; in other words, it represents the ratio between the weight of the paper and its area. For example, photocopy paper has a weight of between 60gsm and 90gsm, while paperboard has a weight ranging from 150gsm to 350gsm and so on.

Why weight is important

Whether you’re printing business cards or books or producing an advertising flier, every product has a recommended weight. Choosing the wrong type of paper for printing can ruin the final effect.

The different types will be discussed in succeeding paragraphs;

90-gsm paper

The 90-gsm paper falls into the uncoated paper category and is a natural, wood free paper, which is not subjected to any chemical treatments. It is ideal for printing large quantities of text, producing relatively light and thin documents. It can be used for the inside pages of books and for printing documents.

130-gsm paper

It is used for reproducing high-quality colour images and is perfect for printing glossy magazines, brochures, posters and folded flyers.

170-gsm paper

A relatively light paperboard, which ensures a pleasant texture and excellent colour rendering and is ideal for printing catalogues, presentations, certificates and posters.

350-gsm paper

The semi-rigid paperboard is recommended for creating business cards, book covers, presentation folders and invitation cards.

380-gsm paper

This is a cardboard used for packaging, rigid book covers and folders, counter displays and product tags.

So now you know about the different types of papers and their uses????. Start printing using the right paper quality.