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Listening ear on social media

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Yetunde asked 3 years ago

How is this gained. How do you get people to listen

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lionsdigital Staff answered 3 years ago

One way is to become an industry leader, build yourself to be the ‘go-to’ brand for information, always release the latest information and be frequent, Once you become one of the leaders, whatever you say, people will listen.
Another way is using AIDA theory in Marketing.  Make sure your content gets the audience Attention and then build Interest. You  can get your followers attention with the following guide 

  1. Images – let your designs be very catchy with few words. let the few words put a question is in their mind and the taste for an answer will make them click the read more link 
  2. Videos and Audio – You should have a progressive way to attract your audience, making them want more example: I have the secret to success and I will be sharing them in the next few minutes…..