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We use content and creatives to pass information in a way that enhances Readability, helps Understanding and creates an Experience for the customer that is easy to remember.

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Branding is the core of any business. For instance, many people think branding is all about Business logos, colors and designs. However, at LDM  we say NO! Branding is what your Target audience ‘THINK’ about you. Therefore it is a process and not a one-off deal.

Our consultancy section is high intense, as we go through your business and its target market.

We provide services which span across design of Manuals, E-books, Magazines, Procedure documents and Prints. We bring your ideas to life with aesthetically pleasing visuals.

We offer Video ads from animated, whiteboards and normal video ads to help showcase your offers. The power of Visuals is unlimited.

Web design is all about user’s experience. in other words, it is about getting users attention, Knowing what your site offers at a glance and making a ‘call to action’ available for them once they have decided what to do. Therefore, we design our websites with these in mind, also making sure all designs are responsive (meaning designs adjust and adapt to different platforms on which is being viewed e.g. Phone, tablets)

Why work with us

We build our websites based on client’s requirement and preference in collaboration with our recommendation for an effective and engaging website. Therefore, we are able to build on website builders such as Shopify, Wix and many more, as well as build from scratch using WordPress because of its search optimization features which make it easier to rank on google search.

Before we build your site we make sure we put your end goal in mind in other to be able to project your ROI (return on investment). Above all, it is all about bringing value to you by building you a website that converts

What you get

All our website package comes with 6 months FREE site maintenance, FREE 1-year domain, Security and hosting.

Get a Basic website from £300 and E commerce from £800.

​​ Content writing is the process of planning, writing and editing web content, typically for digital marketing purposes. So looking for a way to increase Traffic or create awareness? Content is key. Therefore, if you are looking for help to write from scratch or edit an article for optimization, you are in the right place.  

We design mobile app layout, making work easy for App developers. Talk to us today if you thinking about creating an app. In addition to our design services we will also recommend developers we have used and tested. 

Thinking of launching new products or re-branding? Give us a try and you will be glad you did. 

To get the best out of your online ads, you need great visuals. We offer a campaign kit package costing of 3 different designs in 4 sizes to make your AB testing easy. For just £100 you get eye-catching designs with techniques proven to be conversation grabbers.

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Why us ?

Quality and Confidentiality

The LDM team is made up of  Content developer, Videographer, Editor, Photographer and Web and Graphic designers with many years of experience. All our projects are seen from a marketing view with a simple aim –  ‘Get your Audience’s Attention with our creatives’. Therefore,we know from experience that attractive design alone is no longer good enough, that’s why every creatives need not only to be attractive but engaging to encourage conversations.

We offer the best quality of service in Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh, because we love what we do and we all work remotely, so we don’t have fixed cost that is usually distributed to clients. 

Our Process is SIMPLE, Just tell us what you have in mind and we will do the rest. 

All projects entrusted to us by our clients remain our top priority. We do not share, modify, or re-use any bespoke property, personal information, concepts or ideas with any third party.


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To discuss a project with us, kindly fill the form with as much brief for us to research on your idea/project before we book a time for a call.  You can upload files such as Brand Logo, Docs or sketches to express your ideas better.